Twin Towers

This is a picture in the plaza between the Twin Towers. In the picture you can see part of the marquee for the Millennium Hotel. My sister pointed out that they had misspelled it as - Millenium.
My cousin Mark sits and gazes out at the midtown skyline as my other cousin Joey mugs for the camera. I often think of the number of people that may have been up there or were planning on being up there on September 11, 2001.   This was the view from the top of the Twin Towers looking over at Brooklyn and Queens on Long Island. The foreground bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge and the second is the Manhattan Bridge.
Looking down at the Battery Tunnel. It was feared for a long time that there was structural damage caused to the tunnel. The trees in the back ground is Battery Park where people would catch the ferries to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Manhattan.
Steve, Joey, me and Mark on the top of the Twin Towers in 1999. To the left you can see the top of Tower 1 (the North Tower). My cousins Steve, Joey and Mark. If I didn't reduce this picture down for fast downloading on the net - you'd be able to see the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan.
This was their first and last time to the Twin Towers. My cousin Joey thanked me after the attack for giving him the chance of going to them. He said - at least now he can at least say he had been to them.
The View of the Twin Towers from the ferry that goes from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The foreground among the trees (Battery Park) is where thousands wait to catch the Statue of Liberty ferry. To the left is where Battery City is located and so many people still can not get to their apartments. My sister's husband's temporary apartment was located just one block south of the towers in Battery City.
The view to the south of the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island in New Jersey. Ellis Island is in the foregorund with the bridge that connects it to New Jersey. Both are actually in New Jersey waters. The bridge connects Ellis Island to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.
The view of lower Manhattan and the Twin Towers on the Statue of Liberty Ferry.

OpSail 2000
July 4th 2000

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with a battleship in the foreground. This was during OpSail 2000 where ships from all over the world arrived in New York Harbor to celebrate the Independence of the United States. Here is a sailing ship moving through the East River. The East River seperates Manhattan from Long Island.
My friend Trish and her nephew Tyler standing in front of one of the observation deck windows.
  Looking north up to midtown. In the center you can see the Empire State Building standing majestically above the midtown skyline. The bright square to the right is the top of the Citicorp Building.
A look at Brooklyn and Queens across the East River. The foreground bridge is the Brooklyn and the second is the Manhattan Bridge. One of the many ships that took part in OpSail 2000 sailing up the Hudson River. Across the river is Jersey City.
Looking down from a quarter of a mile in the air. I was very upset with CNN and other news programs that showed people jumping from the buildings. I knew how high they were. How terrible it would have been to have to make that decision. I also think about how terrible it must have been for the people that lost their family and friends and may have seen someone they knew or loved jump from those buildings.
Another picture of Midtown Manhattan.
Looking across the Hudson to Jersey City and Liberty State Park. That inlet area is where people catch the yellow water taxi to take them between Liberty State Park and Lower Manhattan. To the far left of the pictures you can just see the ferry docks where tourists catch the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island from New Jersey.
Looking east toward Brooklyn across the East River.

4th of July 2001
Liberty State Park
Jersey City, New Jersey

The pictures in this section I was going to include in the main website. They were going to be included in the state park section I was working on. Now I don't know if I should. I'd like to hear people's thoughts about this. I'm dreading going to Liberty State Park now - that'll be the worst. That is when it will really have to sink in. I just can't imagine the Park without the towers in the background.
There are a lot of wetlands in the park. Down this path is a peaceful area in the woods and the nature center. Being in the park - it's hard to believe that your just 1.5 miles from a city that has 8 million+ people living in it.
This was the view of the Twin Towers and Lower Manhattan from Liberty Science Center. LSC has the largest curved Imax theatre in the world. I had walked from the very southern tip of the park to the northern section where the Liberty Island Ferry docks are to the west end where the Liberty Science center is. These pictures show many of the views of the Twin Towers during that walk.
Looking out over the many open fields toward lower Manhattan. The Twin Towers always dominated the skyline. The Twin Towers even dwarved the other large skyscrapers in the area - the tallest about 70 stories tall. The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall, reaching 1300+ feet into the air.
Chirstopher Columbus sculpture with the towers in the background.
In the foreground is the maintenance bridge that links Ellis Island to New Jersey. Very few tourists know this bridge exists - unless they visit Ellis Island from the New Jersey side.
The yellow water taxi. It was an easy way to get between Liberty State Park and Lower Manhattan.
Liberty State Park is 1,212 acres and offers something for everyone. On 4th of July so many people were picnicking, playing Frisbee, soccer, baseball - all under the shadow of the Twin Towers about 2 miles away.
The Hudson River, about 1.5 miles wide at this point, separates New Jersey and Manhattan.
Miss New Jersey Ferry in port at Liberty State Park to pick up tourists for Liberty Island and Ellis Island. The picture below is also Miss New Jersey heading off to the two Islands.

I always told people that the best view of the lower Manhattan skyline was from Liberty State Park in Jersey City. I think these pictures prove it. Now it won't be the same without those two towers dominating the skyline like they once did, standing proudly at the foot of Manhattan Island.

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