Twin Towers

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In Memorium to all the people that were hurt or killed in this terrible, barbaric attack.
Contained here are various pictures of these great buildings where 50,000+ people worked and about 100,000 people visited everyday.

New Jerseyans - support the building of the 2000 foot New Jersey's Liberty Tower which will replace the antenna that once stood on the Twin Towers.

REMEMBER 9/11 forever!
September 11, 2002 - One Year Later

I have new pictures from Liberty State Park, The Sphere in Battery Park and Ground Zero

To all those people that have written to me - I thank you. I will try to get all your e-mails and poems and pictures up in the next few days. I had wanted everything up for 9/11. If anyone would like to send their thoughts - I will post them also. I will also be adding information about the Twin Towers. Just because 9/11 may come and go doesn't mean that we should forget all those who died in that barbaric attack or the buildings that were destroyed.

The three buildings in the foreground also made up part of the World Trade Center Complex. Of course the most widely known are the huge Twin Towers - Tower 1 to the left and Tower 2 to the right. Tower 2 had the observation deck. This picture is from the dock area - just north of Battery Park along the Hudson River.  

View of the Twin Towers from the dock of Liberty State Park in Jersey City NJ. I had watched the New Jersey 4th of July fireworks here - with the Twin Towers and all of lower Manhattan as the backdrop.

Another view from the docks in Liberty State Park. This is where thousands of people catch the ferry in New Jersey to visit Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. This picture, the one to the left and below left, were taken on July 4th 2001.


View of Lower Manhattan to midtown. To the right is Battery Park, where 1000's of people would have been waiting for the ferry to take them to the Statue of Liberty, toward the left is midtown..

View of the Twin Towers from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. This was the view from the Liberty Science Center parking lot. The LSC has many coin operated binoculars on the roof that give people even closer views of Manhattan.

Liberty State Park sign in Jersey City with my 3 friends that visited me in July. This is where emergency personnel were initially setting up. Many injured were being ferried here to a makeshift hospital.

Here is from the roof of the Twin Towers. You can see the top of Tower 1 to the left. People were jumping from the Towers to avoid the fire.

Two friends of mine, from Michigan. They visited me at the end of July. It was their first time in New Jersey. In between them - you can see the Twin Towers. This is from the Statue of Liberty

This is a picture of Lower Manhattan. The sky line will never be the same without the Twin Towers. Each tower stood a quarter of a mile high at 110 stories.
These two pictures show the view of the Twin Towers from the Northeast Corridor Line in New Jersey. This is the view I always had going into New York. I would purposely always choose seats on the right hand side of the train going into NY and left hand side going out of NY so I could see the Twin Towers. Even though I had seen them a thousand times - I never got tired of them. In these pictures the towers are about 5 -7 miles away.  
These two pictures were the view of St Pauls with the Twin Towers behind it. There is a pictrue of the same church after the tragedy, with people waitng to to get on an MTA bus to take them to safety.  

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NOTE to all those interested in this song. I got the song off of Napster, you may be able to get it from Kazaa now. The only information I have about the song is "America: A Tribute to Heroes" and the name is "Proud to be an American (WTC version)". There were several people's e-mails I missed who asked what this song was and I am sorry I didn't get back to you in time.