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Open Letter to England -

I just wanted to take this time to express my personal thanks to the people of England. I was deeply moved when I saw the guards at Buckingham Palace playing the Star Spangled Banner and the British people singing. Thank you for your show of support. I hope that the people of Britain and all of Europe and the world know that we greatly appreciate all the outpouring of support. One thing is for sure - America WILL survive and come out of this stronger than ever. As I've been telling people - the terrorists, by attacking us, have woken a sleeping cobra. We WILL rebuild from this, New York will rebuild. Nobody can do this to Americans on American soil and get away with it.

Since I can not express my thanks to the British people personally, can you please make sure that the people in Britain know that Americans do appreciate it.

Thank you so very very much -

Robert P. Rosetta
Plainsboro NJ 08536

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